Research project leader

Jacqueline Loos

Jacqueline is both a mother and an environmental scientist, investigating human-environment relationships from an interdisciplinary and a natural-science perspective. She designed the research project “Wildlife, Values, Justice” to contribute to a better understanding of the social and ecological effects of protected areas. As complex social-ecological systems, protected areas and their surroundings represent specific arenas of interactions between conservation and development arrangements which are influenced by rules and regulations, the available knowledge and values of decision-makers and the status of biodiversity. Through the project team´s place-based explorations of the dynamics between these agents, they work towards a synergy of protected areas´ ability to contribute to achieving the sustainable development goals.

PhD student

Rhoda Kachali

Rhoda Kachali is a PhD student at the Faculty of Sustainability Science at Leuphana University. She is interested in the interface between people and nature with a view to enhancing conservation and socio-economic outcomes for communities in and around protected areas. Her PhD is on stakeholder perceptions, governance for justice and protected area effectiveness in the ecosystems of Katavi (Tanzania) and North Luangwa (Zambia).

PhD student

Richard Giliba

Richard Giliba is a PhD student at the Institute of Ecology at Leuphana University and a spatial ecologist. His research is part of the transdisciplinary project “Wildlife, Values, and Justice” and focuses on understanding wildlife and landcover responses to differences in biodiversity governance of Southern African Protected Areas.